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Need help? You can pay someone to lend you a hand (and to bring their truck with them).

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We know you need help, but Help is in it's "Piloting" phase and can only accept participants on a case-by-case basis. To see if you meet the criteria for the initial phase, please enter your info and click Request Help to sign-up.

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*The free version of the Job Map contains limited information about available jobs - upgrade to a paid Job Map access level to start helping!

Select a Job Map access level

Casual Helper

-Access to active jobs as they are posted
-The joy of trying something new
-Money earned by helping people

Handyperson / Driver

All "Casual Helper" perks plus:
-Job-based retail discounts
& Radar detector

-Help Vehicle Magnets & PPE


All "Casual Helper" & "Handyperson/Driver" perks plus:
-Access to Pro-level Jobs
-Help company vehicle access

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An Overhand.Industries company

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Rates and fees

For Helpers

Job Map accessChoose an access level and start helping! (Only Overhand Security Group VIPs can bid on OSG jobs)$1.99/day $34.99/month $109.99/year

For those who need Help

Mileage rateCost per mile travelled $0.50/mile
Helpers feeFace it, you need help.$5
Hazmat feeDo we need to break out the yellow jumpsuits?$5
Delivery fee"Yay! I'm a delivery boy!" - Fry$5 + $0.50/mile over 15m
Loading & Unloading feeHelp with packing, taping, and dropping boxes (Just kidding.)$8
Hourly rateHey, at least it's not minimum wage. $12
Truck fee Everyone needs a friend with a truck.$15 + $0.50/mile

Tips are appreciated.


An Overhand Industries company

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Use the calculator to add up the jobs and fees.